Tixt: An SMS Integration for ConnectWise Manage

Tixt: An SMS Integration for ConnectWise Manage

Don't just text your customers, TIXT them!

Have a client that prefers to contact you via text? Do those texts get lost on your technician's phone? What if your client's email is down and they can't send you a support request via email? Well, the solution is here! 

What is it?

Tixt is a new SMS integration for ConnectWise Manage that allows your customers and technicians to communicate over text messages while capturing the conversation on the ticket, and you know the old saying: "If it's not in ConnectWise Manage, then it didn't happen!"

What problems does it solve?

  • Offer more streams of communication for your customers
  • Text messages are no longer lost on your technician’s phone
  • Your customers can still reach out to you for support even if their email is down
Product Overview

Capture text messages in ConnectWise Manage!

Tixt is an SMS integration that extends ConnectWise Manage by allowing your customers to submit and communicate with support requests via text message (SMS). Text messages sent by your customer will be appended to the ticket notes and notes added to the ticket by your technician will be sent to your customer via text message thus allowing your technician(s) and client(s) to communicate between SMS and Manage.

What your customer sees:

What your technician sees:


How does it work?



For integration setup assistance, please refer to the following User Guide:


If you have any questions, there is a Contact Support link in the navigational sidebar. You can use this form to easily submit support requests. If the support request is related to an issue with a specific SMSTicket log, then you can select to attach the log by selecting the “Send SMSTicket Log?” checkbox and selecting the ticket.


Provide a Subject and Message, and click Submit to send the Support Request. Then, someone from our support team will reach out to you.

Or, if you'd like to reach out here instead, then...

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