ConnectWise Manage Acomba Integration

ConnectWise-Acomba Integration

The ConnectWise Manage-Acomba Accounting Suite Integration allows you to import your accounting data directly into Acomba application.

Acomba sets the standard for SMB accounting software.  Uses a modular approach to help you adapt to your company's needs.  Supported by an experienced team that is always available to provide expert assistance.  Acomba offers multi-station, multi-user and multi-company functionality.

 Features and Benefits:

  • Import ConnectWise Manage accounting data directly into Acomba
  • Export invoice, expense, item receipt and inventory adjustment transactions from ConnectWise to Acomba
  • Customer and Vendor records are mapped between Acomba and Companies in ConnectWise
  • The following items are exported from ConnectWise into Acomba:
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Invoices
  • Expenses
  • Item Receipts
  • Payments against invoices are synchronized between ConnectWise and Acomba
  • Procurement Products created in ConnectWise will automatically be created in Acomba

 Supported Versions: Acomba Accounting Suite (Acomba X is not supported)

Product Overview

Check out this video that shows the financial information you can transfer from ConnectWise Manage:


For integration setup assistance, please refer to the following User Guide:


The ConnectWise Manage-Acomba Accounting Suite Integration is certified via the ConnectWise Invent Program. 


If you need assistance with integration implementation, please send a note to  The ConnectWise support team will be your liaison to work with the Mobius Works team to resolve any issues.